Creativity is important
But being different is better!
Be different
Our brains act as filters to protect us from too much information.
Customer Led Design
Strategic Innovation and Design Thinking
Think customer experience
Don't compete on cost, design your offerings so that the customer experience is king.
Stand out from average
Be more than others, be someone special, standout from the crowd!

We turn insight into products & services

We believe business must create new value. We use our design process to generate customer insights and turn them into commercially viable outcomes. By doing this we create new products/services that customers love.

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We know that your business is nothing without your customers who buy your services. At Sparka we help companies connect with their customer through a genuine understanding of them - we call it Customer Insight. Our aim is to develop Innovative outcomes based on those insights so as your company can Launch it with a spark! Ultimately we make sure your customer has the experience that they want.

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meet the team

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how we do what we do

A questioning mind goes beyond the obvious and uncovers untold stories that lie within any market or industry. The value of Design Thinking is in determining and asking effective questions as much as it is discovering meaningful answers. It is important to uncover and detail the complex relationships and trends that exist within your competitive market.

Sparka's 3 Step Approach





Identifying the ‘essence’ of your customers, and gaining a deep understanding of the experience and connection they have with your organisation provides a unique insight into the most valuable part of your business. Being able to connect with your customers in a meaningful way is the key to adding value to your business. It provides you with a unique competitive advantage that will unlock avenues of growth unique to your company.



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