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Design Thinking Course

Course: Design Thinking 1 Los Angeles
Date: Saturday, November 26, 2011 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM (PT)
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Course Description

Our aim is to provide designers with relevant high quality continuing education directed towards the changing needs of working designers in industry in diverse fields of design and architecture taught by some of the most experienced and recognized designers and architects in the world.

Design Thinking is an approach to understanding and solving problems. It is rapidly becoming an established part of design, engineering and management practice. There is an increasing desire and need to create awareness of Design Thinking across many professions in higer education. By better understanding how designers approach problems and solve problems, businesses and induividuals working in many professions will be better equiped to apply innovation to their design and become more competitive in aworld where increasingly creativity defines success.

Design Thinking helps investigate and solve new types of problems in a changing world. The term refers to methods and process for solving problems in an organized way. Design Thinking combines empathy, creativity and rationality to aquire information, analyse the information, develop solutions and test the solutions then refine them in an interative process. Design thinking is very much about doing things in the real world, creating new solutions and positive change. It involves collaborative team work across different professions. You don’t need to be an expert to apply design thinking.

Why Take The Course?

Changes in design practice over the last decade have meant that there has been a growing divergence between what practising designers were taught at school and the skills that we need to practice design today in an increasingly complex consumer environment. We need to apply new tools that most designers were not taught at design school that go beyond appearance to navigate the increasing complexity of design practice. This course provides a quick and practical introduction to Design Thinking concepts and methods. You will be introduced to essential techniques ranging from methods for gathering and analysing information, to defining ideas and testing them. Design Thinking is one of the fastest growing concepts in design education and practice.

Who Should Attend?

Business Executives, designers of any discipine, architects and engineers who want to create business value and strategic impact through innovation. Designers and researchers seeking a foundational understanding of Design Thinking terms and process.

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