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Innovation Masters Series

Innovation Masters Series: Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation

Design Thinking for Business Leaders

For three days, Stanford will open up its design labs and classrooms to executives, business leaders, and decision makers faced with the daunting task of retooling and revitalizing their enterprises. Senior faculty will lead you through hands-on workshops where you will learn the problem-solving tools and problem-finding frameworks that lead to innovation and strategic leadership, pioneered by the Design Group and the at Stanford. Visual Thinking, Conceptual Block-Busting, User-Centered Design, and User-Driven Innovation are not just tools for designers but can be harnessed by business leaders to transform their organizations. Recognized as a driver of innovation, “Design Thinking” will teach you a methodology for incorporating innovation into your everyday business practices.

Many of the faculty presenting are part of the renowned and radical, officially known as the Hasso Platner Institute of Design at Stanford, where Design Thinking is used to solve complex business problems that do not yield easily to other analytic methods. The is at the forefront of an international trend to integrate design, technology and business practices to train tomorrow’s leaders.

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