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Strategic Design Executive MBA

The MBA for Hybrid Thinkers

Philadelphia University’s pioneering Strategic Design Executive MBA combines the analytical intelligence of business with the creative intelligence of design to develop hybrid thinkers who are able to identify opportunities and solve complex business challenges across industry sectors.

Students from diverse business, technology and design backgrounds apply design thinking and design principles – married with cutting-edge business analytical tools – to deliver smart, desirable, feasible and marketable product, process and business model innovations.

Smart, desirable, feasible, marketable innovation to make the world better is what we do. IT’S WHAT YOU’LL DO.

The challenges in today’s business world have become increasingly complex and ambiguous in nature; solutions need to extend beyond product innovation to encompass business processes, organizational structure, operational approaches and service delivery. By applying the integrative design method traditionally applied to the design of products, to design innovative solutions for services, marketing, finance and operational challenges in a business, solutions are developed which are more functional, elegant, creative, efficient and profitable.

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