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Evernote and Moleskin

Evernote and Moleskin? What do they have in common?

Well one’s an app developer and the other is a book manufacturer. But their real similarity is that they sell knowledge storage. Be it notes, drawing pictures etc. But they are both limited to their technological mediums. Imagine if there was a way to write your hand notes in a meeting or draw a sketch on paper but also be able to digitally store them in ways that just work. Well Moleskin and Evernote have now teamed up to deliver this experience to anyone who wants to buy it!


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Moleskin is what we would call a design led company. Yes they make books. Notepads if you will. But their products appeal to the customer on an emotive level. Customers don’t buy their products because they want a book of paper that they can record notes on. There is more to the story. Moleskin users like the whole experience of what using a Moleskin pad provides. From the lovely covering to the book to the quality of the paper, to the image that you portray to others when you’re using it.


Who is the “Moleskin” in your market?

What do you have to do to better them? Or if you are the “Moleskin” of the market, how do you plan to continue to stay there? What other value can you offer your customers?




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