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Build an awesome brand from the start

Lots of people do what you do, right?

I mean, they do – but they don’t.

What I really mean is, lots of people are in the same industry or the same market sector as you, but here’s the critical difference: Your brand is about more that what you do. It’s the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ that makes YOU unique. It’s the secret ingredient that produces the ‘magic’ if you like.

An authentic brand is one where you know your mission from the off. You are dedicated to remaining true to your values. You know how you want to be perceived and what your goals are: short-term, medium-term and long-term. You start with your ‘end goal’ and then decide what steps you will take to get there.

A marketing consultant can be the perfect ally to kickstart your brand-building journey. His know-how and expertise will start you off on the right track and keep you heading towards your goal.

Here are some guidelines for building your own authentic brand:

Choose 3-5 businesses you admire. What emotions or responses do they invoke in people? What elements from their success can you incorporate into your own brand?

If your business is already established, what are the main reasons clients or customers choose your business? If this is a new business what ‘point of difference’ will you want to put forward to prospective buyers/ clients? Is this something you might incorporate into your tagline?

What is your BIG idea? If you took your brand as far as it could possible go, what would it look like? What achievements would you have under your belt?

What does/ will your logo look like? If you can’t sketch for toffee, then at least compile a ‘mood board’ of design ideas that encapsulate your brand’s main attributes.

What will be your brand’s major goals for 1-year’s time, 3-years’ time, 5-years’ time? Write them down. What in-house or outside resources will you need to smooth your path to success?

Remember the best (and most successful) brands are consistent. Consistent in their attitudes, their emotions, their branding. In everything they do. And their actions are congruent with their beliefs. In short, whatever transitions they undergo they vow to remain authentic.

In business, YOU are your brand. So be the best brand you can be. Be inspired.

Chris Jenkinson


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